stop smoking what worksCan hypnosis stop me craving cigarettes?
“Hypnosis (or hypnotherapy) is a popular treatment for quitting smoking, although the underlying scientific evidence to support it is slim.

“It’s not licensed for NHS use for this purpose, although lots of smokers try it and succeed in quitting.”

So does hypnosis really work on those who use it to help stop smoking?  According to the Evening Standard, it certainly does!

Here’s another story about how hypnosis was used by a very cynical skeptic, or so he claims himself to be in the following article published by Hour Detroit:

Success! (Sort of)

After that first session, I didn’t immediately light up after leaving Wright’s office. And throughout the day, I felt fewer urges to smoke than normal.

Wright also emailed me an MP3 to listen to. To my surprise, and again, amusement, I found I was able to hypnotize myself at home, simply by following prompts on the nearly 30-minute tape and staring at an old clock on our fireplace mantle.

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I went back the following week and did a second session. Another is planned in a few weeks.

The bottom line? At press time, I’m smoking nearly half of what I used to — without feeling mental anguish. Normally, I’m also a pretty hyper guy. My wife says that Wright’s ability to simply get me to sit still and relax for nearly a half hour a day is in itself totally worth the money.

So, I’ll try another session and keep scaling back on the smokes. And then? Maybe I’ll go back and fix that lousy golf game!

Can Hypnosis really help you quit smoking by the mere use of suggestion?